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About Us

With Meta Vouga, independent fashion designers and brands can launch their digital fashion outfits as NFTs on any blockchain supporting NFTs.

Users can collect and wear the digital fashion in the Metaverse or use Augmented Reality to showcase it to the real world.


Are you a designer?

Join our platform to sell your digital outfits as NFTs

Mint NFTs

Mint your digital fashion as NFT on the blockchain of your choice

Sell designs

Make the sale private for your community or public. Get royalties on every re-sell.

Multiple Collaborators

You can include multiple collaborators who helped in the creation by enabling multiple creator ownership when you mint NFTs with us.



The Meta Vouga platform enables in styling you in the metaverse

MV Creative Hub

Create 3D models directly. Export/Import 3D models from popular softwares. Enable 360 product view. Build video assets. Enable social media extension so collectors can share IG ready posts with the outfit. Enable IG & Tiktok filter creation.

MV Marketplace

Buy Physical as well as Digital fashion. Creators can create physical peices of a digital fashion and sell. Each user will have a custodial crypto wallet for Ethereum, $LVT and other supported tokens. Create physical pieces from NFTs. The digital outfits can be exported to games, social media and supported metaverses

MV Academy

Video tutorials to help creators create digital fashion & organize events on our platform. Forum for brands & creators to ask questions to the community. Guest lectures & special events to learn new tools, upcoming trends, features etc. organized by Meta Vouga. Community events (virtual/physical).

MetaVerse connected

3D NFTs ready for use across the most popular metaverse & VR apps

MV Stage

Any brand or creator can organize their own virtual event. Collaorate with multiple creators to co-organize. Find sponsors. Share event for marketing. Get event analytics. Payments & transactions. Create booths for virtual exhibitions.

MV Drops & Acutions

Brands can create drops - limited edition items, sold using bidding or whitelist. Ability to do reveals after selling. Allowing customers to do live bidding on items. Users can auction their collections.

Meta Vouga Token


Meta Vouga token will allow users various perks on the platform.

Transaction fees

With transactions done on Meta Vouga token, the transaction fees will be halved.


With Meta Vouga token, you will be able to vote on various aspects of the platform as we create a DAO.

Buy back program

Part of the profits from the transactions will go into our buy back program for $MVT thus increasing your token's value and the liquidity of the token.



Q1 2022

Token Development

Angel round started

Marketplace Launch

Q2 2022


Angel round finalised

Closed Beta launch

Q3 2022

Pre seed Investment raise

Private token sale started

Public Platform launch

Q4 2022


Public Token Launch

Smartphone app launch


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Incase you have any enquiries or want to become one of our early investors, feel free to contact us below.

Let's build the future of fashion together.


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Gran de gracia 15, Barcelona, Spain

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